Kickin’ it with Bubble Soccer


| Tatum Selby

The “Sui Boys” and “Kick Balls” compete against each other for the championship.

- Tatum Selby and Gabe Crowe

On Friday, October 14, the T-Wolves and the Tigers competed against each other in bubble soccer. Bubble soccer is an event put on by SPUD and Tiger Palooza to raise money for recipients. There were 8 teams on both sides. The schools’ teams played each other in a tournament style and the losers were eliminated. The final team standing would be the ones to play in the championship. It was an exciting event for all who attended full of unexpected plays. Pierson Wells, senior, was one of the players on the “Sui Boys” -the winning team. Pierson Wells said, “our strategy to winning was, we had 3 soccer players and 2 nonsoccer players, the two nonsoccer players played defense while the soccer players made the goals.”  The “Sui Boys” went against “Kick Balls,” a Norman High Team, and were crowned the champions.