Flap Your Wings For SPUD


| Tatum Selby

SPUD Chairs

- Tatum Selby, Sports Writer

The 2023 SPUD Opening Assembly was held Wednesday, January 4th in the North gym. SPUD Chairs Cal Smith and Jamaal Jackson emceed the event. SPUD week is designed to raise student awareness about events designed to raise money for recipients who were chosen by committee members last year. SPUD raises money by hosting events around town and tournaments around the school. The SPUD theme this year is Rio, and there are decorations everywhere around the school depicting the tale.

For the opening, there was a dance number including the Pom Squad, Cheer Squad, and the recipients were introduced in a video, good morning SPUD was also shown. Every day this week there are events being hosted by SPUD, including food trucks that will be outside during both grade lunches.

Tonight at 6 pm there will be a 3v3 basketball tournament in the south gym.

Thursday 1/5, there will be a Lip Sync Battle at 6 pm.

Friday 1/6, there will be a dodgeball tournament at 6 pm.

Saturday 1/7 is SPUDCHELLA.

Sunday 1/8, Bingo is being hosted 4-6 pm at 809 Wall St.

Monday 1/9, Capture the flag at 6 pm.

Tuesday 1/10, there will be an assembly in the North gym for the closing of SPUD week. There are two ways to donate money to SPUD, events will have buckets passed around the event and there is a website online, click here to DONATE. This website will also give you all the information you need to know about SPUD, and you can also go to their Instagram (@spudweek) to figure out where events will be held and what is going on each day of this week.