Don’t Be Alarmed

- Evan Shepard, Adam Nixion, and Thomas Richardson

On Wednesday at 8:56 AM someone pulled the fire alarm at Norman North. Students were evacuated and brought to the safe areas where they stood for about 10 minutes. Teachers were then given the all clear to let students back into the building, where classes promptly resumed. 

The district has since released a statement on the incident saying

“Norman North students and staff were briefly evacuated this morning after a fire alarm sounded. The Norman Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene, assessed the situation and gave the all clear to re-enter the building. There was no fire and the evacuation lasted only a few minutes. Classes are resuming as normal. For more information about our commitment to safety, visit”  


On Friday, August  27th freshmen had an assembly where the administration announced that a student pulled the fire alarm. The student name is still unknown to the student body, however it is known that it was a freshman. The faculty has said they are still investigating, and that they hope that this behavior will stop soon. 


After speaking to office faculty it has become clear that there is a problem with how to deal with this situation. For safety reasons any way of restricting access to the alarms is off the table. However, some plan of action has been considered. Assistant principal Ms. Pennell said, “…educate and also inform, perhaps tell our students that ‘hey listen, this is a serious deal’.”