First Day of School


| Blaine Bruton

Google meet for newspaper.

- Blaine Bruton, Editor/Admin

On Monday, August 24th, students logged onto canvas for the start of a remote school year due to COVID 19.

To prevent students from being on a computer all day, a block schedule was created. On Monday/Thursday, students will meet with their 0, 1st, 3rd, advisory, and 7th hour. Then, on Tuesday/Friday, students will meet with their 2nd, club meetings, 4th/5th, and 6th hour. Office hours are Wednesdays in which gives students can ask their teachers questions and get extra help on assignments.

The remote learning schedule for High School students.

Norman started a new program, canvas, for teachers and students. Teachers post assignments and students can complete and submit their work through the website.

Some students were unable to connect to their classes due to technical difficulties. The district is hoping these are gone by the second week of school.