No Monsters Under The Bed


- Gabe Crowe, Student Life Writer

The North Place is no longer selling Monster energy drinks under the instructions of Dr. Garrett. The drinks are said to have too much caffeine and sugar.  A Monster has 86 mg of caffeine on average and 57g of sugar. Black Rifle, a coffee drink, has 200 mg of caffeine and 23g of sugar. Here is how students have responded to the change, “If you have insomnia, and if you need energy in the morning,” said Devin Melhorn, junior, “it really helps with starting my day!” Many in the student body want the energy drink back. “Monsters are a great way to get through the day,” Jackson Lindsey, senior, said,  “if you are tired, and [if you] need a boost to get through the last three classes because they are so slow.” One student, who did not wish to be named, said, “I was really upset when I found out that there weren’t any Monsters in the store because they help calm my ADHD down through[out] the day.” Students feel like they are missing the “benefits” of the energy drink. However, a full one-third of Monster energy drinks have zero sugar, while over 65% have more sugar than the Black Rifle coffee drink. Maybe a more selective process for deciding which Monsters are available to students in the North Place could bring them back in the future.  Whether or not you agree with the decision, one thing is clear, students are not scared of Monsters.