Prom Recap


| Emalyn Bergeron

A student poses for a photo in a conga line at prom.

Prom was on April 22nd, from 7 pm to 10 pm at the OU ballroom. Students have been preparing for prom for months; getting their dresses, picking their makeup and hairstyles, making dinner reservations, and planning a fun day with friends. It was a highly anticipated day, and more tickets were purchased than in previous years.

The prom theme was a masquerade ball, and many people showed up with fun masks. Upon arrival, students were greeted with people holding QR codes, so that they could find all of the pictures taken of them. The QR code sent them to a link where they put their numbers, emails, and a selfie to identify them. Additionally, there were photographers in the venue taking pictures of everybody who wanted a picture. There was also a 360 selfie booth where students could pay $5 each to get a picture, and the booth could take up to four people at a time. This booth was very popular having a long line throughout the entire night. 

There was also no shortage of songs to dance to during the night. There were songs such as Cupid Shuffle, Gangnam Style, Footloose, and more. These dances even sparked a congo line that everybody on the dance floor joined. The music was fun and upbeat for the first two and half hours of the dance and then switched to slow dancing music for all of the couples for the last thirty minutes. 

Along with the dancing, the food was also a hit. There was a table filled with baked goods for students to grab and was eaten quickly. People loved the treats, and could also get a drink with their goodies. If people didn’t want to dance there were tables to sit at, and could take a break while eating.

The three-hour dance was only part of many students’ days. Lots of people went to dinner and took pictures before prom, and did something fun with friends after. For example, Nicole Richardson, a junior at norman north, said that “ This was such a fun and memorable night. We went to a nice restaurant to eat dinner and then took pictures at a church before, and then after we went bowling as a group. We had so much fun”. Prom was a great night for all of the juniors and seniors at Norman North.