That’s Our Ginger!


| Macie West

Gavin Frakes looks for a receiver upfield.

- Caden Plunk and Rayaan Raza

On Wednesday, September 15th, we interviewed the senior starting quarterback Gavin Frakes. Frakes recently announced his commitment to Princeton University where he will continue his athletic and academic career. 

The first question we asked Gavin was what are his expectations for this upcoming season. Frakes had only positive words to describe his team saying, “This season is going to be special. This team has worked so hard and we are excited to put it all together on the field and break records this season.”

The team seems to be confident in having a successful season this year. We asked Frakes what was going to be the biggest improvement the team has made during the offseason. He explained, “The biggest improvement we made this off-season was putting in extra work, and lifting each other up. This team has gotten a lot closer personally and talk things out and really care for each other and it’s going to pay dividends down the road.” 

The football team will travel to Yukon tonight to try to uphold their undefeated record so far.