Unexpected Winter Weather


| Ethan Delgado

Outside the commons, the concrete is covered in sleet and water.

- Blaine Bruton, Editor/Admin

On Monday, October 26, winter weather moved into the North. With temperatures dropping into the low ’30s and precipitation expected, the sleet began just before lunch. But, NPS did not cancel school.

Sleet accumulates along the CCC. (| Maria Nairn)

Last year, students had two snow days based on forecasted winter weather and below-freezing temperatures. Today, however, students are in school with sleet freezing on the roads and temperatures reaching below freezing.

This morning, the precip was just rain. The temperature was 34 degrees so the rain was not freezing. From first to the third hour, the temperature dropped to 32 degrees and the rain began to freeze. The rain turned into a sleet/freezing rain mixture and was sticking to the road.




Since school started two weeks late, there is only one snow day remaining for the whole year.  We are taking a traditional snow day Tuesday. The weather is

The weather forecast through Wednesday, October 28. (| KOCO5 news)

forecasted to drop below freezing tonight and another batch of freezing rain is expected Tuesday morning. If a second day is needed, Wednesday, October 28, will be a remote learning day. ALL students and teachers will work from home.  Wednesday is scheduled for a traditional virtual day and NOT the virtual office hour’s schedule that is typical for Wednesdays during remote learning.  All instruction can be found on Canvas.

The ramp outside the CCC begins to look slick from sleet. (| Maria Nairn)
The athletic lot. The drainage is full of water and many students have left. (| Maria Nairn)
The student parking lot. (| Maria Nairn)