A Look Into HALCC


| Yasmin Ruiz

Joana Lopez, Alise Rojo, and Sarah Valasco pose for a picture before the February HALCC meeting where they taught about immigration and served delicious Salvadoran food.

- Yasmin Ruiz, Writer

Hispanic and Latinx Culture Club (HALCC) is one of the clubs here at Norman North Highschool. The club meets once a month in Mrs. Curtis’s class. In each meeting, they focus on a different aspect of Hispanic and Latino culture and other tools for Hispanics and Latinos. For example, the meeting focuses on art, history, immigration, college, and more. 

In the meetings, you are able to learn about some famous art from Hispanic and Latino cultures that you would not be able to learn in regular classes. The lessons go into detail about the artists and their history, the movement of the art, and the overall significance of the pieces. The club also gives information about the history of Hispanics and Latinos in our country that we may not have known otherwise. Typically, Hispanic and Latino history is not talked about in our curriculum, but the club is able to give the opportunity to learn. In addition, the club also teaches about immigration, and what life looks like for immigrants. You can also gain knowledge on how to apply to colleges, and scholarships, get college advice, and learn about other opportunities specifically for Hispanic and Latino students. There are also many opportunities talked about such as attending conferences and leadership programs. 

Along with that, this is an incredible way for all students to learn more about the culture, and get to be in an environment with people with the same culture. Although this is geared towards Hispanic and Latino students it is open to anybody wanting to learn more. Students will not only get lessons they also have the opportunity to try different foods from various countries, which include Mexico, Salvadoran, and more.