Crosstown Buzzer Beater


| Jackson Rogers

Norman North varsity boys shooting the ball as Norman High varsity attempts to block.

- Grey Lashbrook, Writer

Norman North and Norman High played at the Crosstown Clash at Norman North on December 16th. North was winning the game with an early lead in the first quarter, and dominating the game. Norman North continued this streak in the second, third, and beginning of the fourth quarter by staying up ten points most of the time. The Norman North student section was energetic and taunting the Norman Highs section and making fun of the high players. 

During the fourth quarter, Norman High started playing aggressively and slowly getting point after point. During the last five minutes, they brought it back and tied the game. Norman Highs’ student section was going wild and the North student section started getting quiet. Norman High beat Norman North in the fourth quarter by one point bringing the game total to 46-45 with High winning in the last seconds of the game.

With Norman High winning Crosstown Clash this year, it was a stinging defeat for Norman North adding to their poor season. This may be a result of Garrett Goodwin being injured in a tournament a few weeks before Crosstown, and therefore not being able to play. This was detrimental to Norman North, with a star varsity player out of play, this greatly helped High win this year’s Crosstown. As of, January 10th, 2023 the Norman North basketball team is 0-5 and has little to no chance of going to state. 

With this win Norman High won their first away game of the season and has put up good numbers for the season being 4-1, only losing to Westmoore.  With the 22 – 23 basketball season looking grim, Norman North students are looking forward to the next season. With the majority of varsity players being Seniors the team next year will be made up of Juniors becoming Seniors taking up the role of the varsity.