Can’t Rain on Our Parade


| Thomas Richardson

Drive through Homecoming Parade map.

- Blaine Bruton and Macie West

The Homecoming drive-through parade will occur Thursday, October 15, in the Norman North Parking Lot from 6 to 7 P.M.  “Holidays” was selected by DEN as the theme.

Clubs and sports are participating and decorating with different holiday imagery. Students, fans, and parents will drive through a stationary parade.  This is a first in the North. school spirit. Parade participants will look different this year too as school clubs will be stationary while the spectators comprise the movement.  should stay in their vehicles and not participants vs passive participants

The parade format will look very different than what has happened in the past.  Normally in a parade, the displays move through the spectators.  For this parade, a backwards or COVID parade, the spectators will drive around stationary displays; it will be a drive-thru parade.

The band will begin the parade at 6:00 and will march through the loop with cheer and pom following behind.

Here is what you need to know about the drive-thru parade:


  • NO CANDY is to be thrown
  • All participants must wear a mask and remain socially distant
  • All participants must be in place by 5:45
  • All participants are to park in the athletic lot and walk to their designated spots
  • Stay clear of traffic once in your spots


  • Traffic should continue moving, please do NOT stop
  • The band will begin the parade at 6:00 pm and will go through the loop with cheer and pom following behind.

There will be prizes for the group that is most spirited, the most spirited vehicle, and a digital art competition.