Setting PreceDENts


- Corynn Speer, Writer

On September 23rd, at 6:00 PM, clubs, sports, and students will walk in the Homecoming parade down Stubbeman Avenue. In years past, the annual Homecoming Parade was held on Main Street. It was announced that the location of the parade had been moved to Stubbeman in front of the school, and will conclude with a carnival on the football field. DEN students are hoping that this event will bring together the North community. “Doing it on Stubbeman makes sense because our school is on that street” Elizabeth Benton, DEN student said, “doing it on main doesn’t make sense for us, but it does for high because that is the street their school is on, also we are planning on the parade leading straight into the carnival so that it will be more successful than it has been in the past”. DEN students believe that it is important to create new traditions for North, including moving some festivities, like homecoming, to the school.  DEN’s innovative ideas are allowing students many more opportunities at creating a culture that fosters school spirit.