SPUD is Love


| Alisa Burt

Joshua Garner (sophomore), during the SPUD Dating Show.

- Thomas Richardson and Adam Nixion

Earlier this week, we had the chance to talk with sophomore, Joshua Garner, who won the SPUD Dating Show.

Thomas Richardson: So how was the SPUD dating show?

Joshua Garner: I was really nervous, to be honest. Because I was sure I was gonna lose. But then I ended up winning, It was a funny feeling.

TR: Did you do anything to prepare for it?

JG: Not at all, I just went in trying to calm my nerves, and I thought if I lose, I lose. There was no real risk.

TR: How did you get involved in the show?

JG: My friend sent a link to our group chat and he said “Hey, who wants to do this with me?” And I thought you know what? I’m single and I have nothing better to do. So I signed up, and then I got in but he did not.

TR: So you guys got a gift card for a date, did you guys go on the date, or did one of you just get the gift card?

JG: I have not gotten the gift card yet. I don’t know if I’m supposed to ask somebody about it.

TR: Is there anything that you take away from your experience with the dating show?

JB: I mean, really, just like you got nothing to lose. Just go for it. No one’s gonna make fun of you just because you decided to give money to a charity.