Norman North Girls Tennis Takes on the 2023 Season


| Norman North Girls Tennis

Norman North Girls Tennis team at Mustang tournament.

The Norman North Girls tennis team has already found great success within its 2023 season. With many hours of practice and strong bonds built within the team, the season is looking good for the Lady Timberwolves. The Norman North Girls Tennis Team has previously competed in multiple tournaments showcasing their talent in both singles and doubles matches. Senior team member, Erin Diehl, stated “I am happy with the season far, it has been fun and I’m excited to see how we do in our last few tournaments” explaining her great hope and confidence in her team for the remainder of the season. Just recently, the girl’s tennis team competed in the Mustang High School tennis tournament. The team’s talent and success were made clear by the great victories achieved by the Norman North girls in both singles and doubles. Senior Singles team member, Peyton Benson, placed 2nd overall in singles, and Lillian took 6th place in singles. In addition to these achievements, doubles team Madilyn Smith and Sierra Hill placed second in doubles. As if this was not enough success, Norman North’s other doubles team Erin Diehl and Nina Vlahovec placed third.

The entire team’s attitude seems very confident and positive as they move through their season, resulting in much success. When senior Timberwolf Erin Diehl was asked how it felt to place well in the Mustang tournament, she replied “I enjoyed the Mustang tournament so much, and it felt good to place well. I had a new partner for this tournament so I didn’t know what to expect but she was so fun and amazing to play with.” Erin’s new teammate Nina and herself earned third place overall, showcasing their newfound compatibility. The Mustang tournament is just a glimpse into how amazing the Norman North Girls Tennis team is, and all their supporters are excited to see what success the team will find next.